Your First Appointment

Your Osteopath will listen and ask questions about your problem, your general health, other medical care you are receiving or medication you are taking, and record this in your case notes. The information you provide will be confidential.


Following the case history, the Osteopath will perform a physical examination at which point you may be asked to undress down to your underwear, so make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in... ladies often wear leggings and a vest but If in doubt, speak to your practitioner. You can ask a friend or relative to accompany you during your treatment


The examination will include some simple movements and stretches, to observe your posture and mobility. They will examine the health of the joints, tissues and ligaments using their hands and a highly developed sense of touch called palpation. They may also perform a set of reflexes or neurological tests relevant to your condition. Because of the body’s structure, pain or stiffness you are experiencing in one area may be linked to a problem elsewhere.

Your osteopath will check for signs of other serious conditions they cannot treat and advise you to see your GP or go to hospital. The would provide you with a letter explaining what they believe to be the problem.


After explaining his or her findings and treatment plan, the Osteopath will continue - with your permission – to treat the pattern, with the first treatment lasting around 40 minutes. Subsequent treatments will also take 40 minutes. 


You do not need a referral from your GP or other health professional to visit an Osteopath

It is important to understand and agree what the treatment can achieve, and the likely number of sessions needed for a noticeable improvement in your wellbeing.