'Following a work injury which I suffered at the beginning of the year causing me to be in severe lower back pain coupled with agony in my right foot, I had tried practically everything to make my back better and reduce my pain including having had x-rays and two MRI scans.  I had been on strong painkillers including dihydrocodeine and amitriptyline, naproxen and paracetemol but without much effect and the strong painkillers made me very sick.  It was very difficult to sleep and the pain regularly woke me up in the night and early morning and when I got out of bed, I could hardly walk with the agonising pain and this was causing me distress and depression.

I decided to try an osteopath despite my doctor advising against it and popped into The Wells Practice during my lunchbreak when I worked in Ilkley.  I managed to have a chat with Francis one of the leading osteopaths in the Practice before his next patient arrived.  I subsequently booked an appointment and was given a full hours treatment and did not feel at all rushed.  Francis used gentle and subtle techniques which involved reiki type treatment.  The following week I had another hours treatment and was delighted with the results.  The following day, my foot pain had disappeared and my lower right back was much better.  I am not sure exactly what treatment was used but I know it was a type of energy healing which has certainly made my back feel much better than it did and my energy levels are improved.  My back has not healed completely and I know I will have to have occasional visits to Francis but without his help and finding The Wells Practice, I would have had to have had an epidural and possibly a back operation which at the age of 54 is certainly not recommended.

I wish The Wells Practice continued success and thank you for being able to help, manage and control my back pain'

Vivienne A.


I would like to thank Francis from the bottom of my heart for the way he has changed my life and improved my overall outlook as well as my physical health. He is not just an osteopath who treats physical problems, I really appreciate his holistic approach to total mind and body healing and overall well-being.

I first saw Francis over 2 years ago having lost my second brother and feeling very vulnerable, unhappy and disappointed in life. I had no energy and Francis was very gentle and understanding of my health needs. Apart from my treating my physical symptoms he performed 'Chakra' the energy boosting and positive thinking approach to all over 'mind and body' well-being. This treatment was invaluable to me and I benefited a lot from the sessions. The generous positive feedback miraculously lifted my spirits and my ability to face life. I can never express my gratitude enough.

Many thanks for what you have done for me Francis, bless you for your holistic approach to health. With much gratitude.

Naseem T


'The work Francis does is very holistic, so as well as gently working on physical issues such as my back pain, he has helped my mind and emotional state too. he has improved my energy balance and chakras and has suggested things I can do at home, all of which support work I do for myself through yoga and meditation. I feel calmer and clearer after a treatment and his methods can help in dealing with major life issues too.'

Lynn S