Francis Johnson

Born and raised locally, I first came into contact with osteopathy through my mother's treatment at this very practice. A compassionate and empathic person, I was always drawn to care for and support those around me, and with a strong interest in biology, osteopathy was a natural progression. With treatment times much longer than a doctor's (a profession I also considered), it is possible to really get to know a patient and therefore tailor a far more specific treatment for their unique needs and requirements.

I'm interested in the whole person, and want to help people grow, move forward and achieve their full potential, and became an osteopath in pursuit of that. But after a while I found I wanted to do more than just work on the physical aspects. I found I could work with energy and that when I combined that approach with osteopathy, I could achieve a greater improvement in both the patient's physical and emotional health, and affect their lives more profoundly. 

As well as the standard conditions osteopathy can claim to treat, I have developed a wide range of specialities, combining various different approaches, and found this treatment to be effective in:

  • improving symptoms of stress and anxiety, aiding clarity of thought, energy levels and general well being

  • aiding and breathing mechanics, addressing problems arising from long term conditions/ infections/ injuries, to maximise function

  • relieving symptoms associated with posture, which is affected by work stations and activities, life style habits, life experiences and emotional state- examining routines and giving advice.

  • especially postural mechanics associated with (the very high percentage of people who have) a difference in leg lengths- which causes torsion and shift at the pelvis, throughout the lower limb and induces the same(scoliosis) in the spine

  • improving ‘core strength’ muscle engagement- due to the finding that malposition of the lowest part of the spine causes disengagement of these muscles, leaving the back overworked and vulnerable, increasing postural strain and fatigue

  • aiding post operative recovery and return to function following Orthopeadic surgery, maximising joint range, general mobility and function

  • aiding recovery from trauma and symptoms associated with head and neck injuries- whiplash, headaches, meningitic irritation

  • helping recovery from trauma in general, working to resolve the symptom causing patterns held in the tissues following injury

  • addressing not just the well being of the physical body but the patient’s quality of life as a whole

My defining characteristic is the drive to help others, and I would like nothing more than to see all of us reach our potential, living happy, fulfilling lives. As such I really do care about my patients, and provide all the help, support and encouragement I can.

Francis Johnson